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Playing the piano can be a solitary business, yet impossible without the dedicated support of many people, in many different forms.

Throughout my studies, I have been the lucky beneficiary of valuable guidance, advice, and criticism from outstanding teachers and mentors, colleagues and collaborators, friends and family. They have all helped shape my pianism and musicianship, sometimes in surprising ways.

Finally, through the goodness of many champions, I have the privilege of working with a suitable—and wonderful—instrument. Because of you, the GoFundMe campaign was a success, and the skinny keys are home!

Your heartfelt generosity has made possible an entire future.


This page is dedicated to all of the people who have donated, campaigned alongside me, offered encouragement, or contributed in some other way. It's a way of honoring you and a small way of saying thank you!

♫     Anonymous

♫     Ashley Mullis

♫     Beverly Simmons & Ross Duffin

♫     Billy Huang

♫     Charlotte Newman

♫     Daggi Wallace

♫     Dan Engle

♫     Dan Estes

♫     Françoise Webb

♫     Gregory Bloch

♫     Hannah DePriest

♫     Heather Weber

♫     Hélène Daniel

♫     Hrant Bagrazyan

♫     Jamie Machuta

♫     Justin Ahrens

♫     Kathy Strauch

♫     Kelsey Wood

♫     Mamrie Sowderpatch

♫     Maria & Michael Mahoney

♫     Marion Topic

♫     Marion Wood

♫     Mary McGill

♫     Michael Bane

♫     Michael Fried

♫     Monique Fournier

♫     Morgan Mullis

♫     Natasha Jaffe

♫     Nella Goff

♫     Oscar Centeno

♫     Patty Urban

♫     Peter Gilbert

♫     Rab Libman

♫     Rachel Resnik-Miles

♫     Rhonda Boyle

♫     Seymour Simmons III

♫     Shane Mahoney

♫     Sian Ricketts

♫     Spencer Mahoney

♫     Stephen Spohn

♫     Veronica Daniel

Extra special thanks to Beverly Simmons, for her unwavering uplifting encouragement throughout the campaign and all the time

To Michael Bane for his penchant for springing crazy helpful surprises, for his gentle understanding and quiet support

And to Kelsey Wood for clarity, hilarity, unofficial therapy, and for always being in my corner.


On this page, you'll be able to find music videos, artwork, composition previews, and clips from the album made especially for donors. For those who claimed a reward, I want you all to know that I am thrilled to get these gifts to you!

Here is a peek at some of the cool projects your generous support has made possible:

Image of CD with album covers and insert artwork

Album of electroacoustic music. Listen below: